Doing Online Advertising (PPC) ? No need to deduct taxes at sources

A Good news for our PPC clients in INDIA.

A recent ruling by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal will come as a major relief to companies that advertise on Google and Yahoo!

Last month, the tribunal in Kolkata said that a company which pays Google or Yahoo to advertise their business does not have to deduct taxes at source on the money spent for advertising.

This ruling comes as a big relief to many companies who haven’t been able to claim tax on business expenses incurred for advertising on Google and Yahoo.

asically, businesses wanting to advertise on Yahoo or Google had to either pay taxes with their own money or let go of a chance to claim the expense as tax deductible revenues because Google and Yahoo won’t accept taxes being cut from their bill. Neither could they claim tax exemption on the expense.

You can find details posts related to this here  at nextbigwhat.

So if you are worried about the tax expenses while doing online advertising specificlly PPC. Now one more excuse is gone. Checkout our PPC services and start it right now.


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