Keyword Research Strategy for 2013


Keyword research is a primary concept in Search Engine Optimization, however in 2013, SEO’s are going to have to utilize revolutionary methods in order to maintain. Two crucial changes are taking place: the increasing importance of mobile keywords, and the new focus on a page-based strategy to keywords.

Page-based keywords
You may be thinking, how is this tactic different? Every SEO knows that keyword research boosts page rank.

A page-centric method attempts to target several useful keywords on each and every page of a website. Knowing that various search combinations might be related, a page-based site still uses keywords, but attempts to include keyword usage of the multiple types that may apply.

For example, a visitor could use an abbreviation or slang. A standard keyword-based page may miss out on visitors without the inclusion of this kind of variations. Obviously, WebPages must still have most important keywords. But a page-based approach prioritizes additional keywords that may be included to optimize relevance.

Mobile keywords
Mobile search opens up a completely new world of relevant keywords. If you’re using a mobile gadget, you usually have an unique goal compared to when you’re sitting at your laptop or PC. Maybe you are curious about any nearby restaurant or the hours of your preferred department store. Mobile web-sites have to do exact mobile keyword research. This research may motivate web sites to include keywords which include major phrases for example “near to” or “hours.”

Along the way of optimizing your mobile keywords, think about more specific keywords. Very exact keywords frequently have a much better rate of conversion since the user has likely come further more in the search procedure already. Don’t get so innovative in your keyword development which you move away from industry specific terms, even though; you can lose some useful search hits.

Research tools
A great place to start your mobile keyword research is Google Analytics or the Google keyword or keyword phrase tool. For unique directions about how to ideal use these programs, I like to recommend following the advice of Bryson Meunier. Bing Advertisements Intelligence provides a secure method to double-check the information you gather from Google. An additional simple step you will take is to perform a Mobile SEO Audit.

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