Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter


Would do you actually realize that Twitter had keyboard shortcuts? Lots of people don’t, but from the time that Twitter redesigned its website (just remember #NewTwitter?) they’ve provided a number of useful features, shortcuts included in this. If you are using Twitter, we will assist you with a number of helpful keyboard shortcuts. No matter whether it’s navigational secrets or even keyboard actions, these kind of helpful shortcuts will save your a lot of time.

The following are the a number of keyboard shortcuts now available to all users. Simply make use of them while surfing Twitter on your computer or Laptop. From Retweet to Favoroting to Follow to Replying, the new shortcuts are true time savers.

U = Unblock User
B = Block User
F = Favorite
J = Next Tweet
K = Previous Tweet
L = Close Open Tweets
M = New Direct Message
N = New Tweet
R = Reply
T = Retweet
Space = Page Down
GA = Activity Page
GC = Connect Page
GD = Discover Page
GF = Favorites
GH = Home
GL = Lists
GM = Messages
GP = Profile
GR = Mentions
GS = Settings
GU = Go to a Profile

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