JuneTune – I Learn Lot, My Overview & Q&A


JuneTune – A Second Premium Chat Event of Official Google WebMaster Blog. Where panelist like Matt Cutts, John Muller, Adam lasnik are answered the questions related to search, search engines and so many other useful aspects of better crawing of websites. These questions were asked by webmasters from all around the world.

The Event used WebEx Event manager Which have facilites like you can chat with other online participants, you can see the presentation given by panelist, heard their conversation and speeches via your phone ( i am in india and i heard all that on my vodafone PDA) and even you can save all chat and question answers for your future reference too.

John muller presented the Personalization in Google Search at its best, Maile Ohye talked about case sensitivity especially in robots.txt and Jonathan Simon talked about getting your content out of Google .

The Q&A answers went to 301 to position six penalty, getting your sites well ranked using content, will PPC boost the rankings or not and so many.

And Matt Cutt says that Probably SEO will live in next coming future too.

I love some of the question, for some easy repatative questions penalist providing link Google Webmaster Blog help and for some questions they answered with uncommom common sense.

For you guys who are not able to attend the chat, I am giving the link for downloading the entire transcript of the Q&A of this live chat at Q&Ajunetune. (courtesy: http://www.seroundtable.com/)

Enjoy the Transcript and Learn Lot…( I am happy, you find my questions too)

Thank you,

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