Search Engine Ranking Factors:1

Search Engine Ranking Factor includes different ways and procedure to get rank in major search engines. Main thing to start with is to build category, domain name, keywords, HTML coding and link building. Keywords also effect different according to on page and off page. As in Search Engine, ranking factors are concern keywords play an important role. Keyword is the basis of all major search engines. But the main thing that matters is keywords as anchor text. Keyword as Anchor text is concern the main factors includes anchor text in articles, blogs, bookmarking, directories, link exchange, and press release. The surrounded tags are the important thing that matters. Anchor text main factors concerns length then words upto 2-3 and characters 25 max, location surrounded by the related text includes location of the page itself or location of the page within text, destination url, source page, No of anchor text. Number of anchor text 3 unique keywords but destination will not be the same. All the anchor text must have different destination.

Page Factors is also an importance factor as the importance of keywords is concern. The major factors includes good back links with desired anchor text from the relevant sites, keywords must be rich and original in content copy, optimizes meta tags and image, optimize navigation should be hierarchical wise and must be from broader to narrow. If navigation not proper optimize then it becomes difficult for google to crawl the site, age of page matters the page rank as there is a good chance of ranking, amount of index able content means pure text without image, quality of content also matters for the search engine, size of the page must be 20 to 25 kb but upto 50 kb its good and if static page then if beyond 20kb will be more better, then frequency of updation that how frequently you update your website, number of back slashes(/)good for optimizing navigation for long tailed keywords. All the factors listed above are important but to high light the major page rank factors then firstly backlinks,its usage/traffic of website and finally how frequently the website is updated.

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