Google – Yahoo Paid Search Deal

As per expected to avoid microsoft bidding pressure Yahoo yesterday announce renewable paid search deal with google for next 10 years. As per my observation below are the most highlighted points of the deal ,

  • Its for 10 years.
  • It will give yahoo almost 800 million $ annualy
  • It will monetize yahoo’s no-profit making search
  • Google will mostly displayed ads on Yahoo Partner Sites, Yahoo Networds.
  • Yahoo will retain rights for where and when to display ads.
  • Mostly Yahoo will use ads for Tail Ender keywords.
  • This is not a merger between two companies.
  • Yahoo Sponsor search still works and display ads.
  • Yahoo can deal same with other paid Search players, too.
  • Elected Yahoo Publishers can part in this Program.

After watching the deal I have only one question in my mind why anyone go with Yahoo if they are displaying ads by Google Adwords.

But For Microsoft the upcoming path for Yahoo Search Takeover would be more difficult after this deal.

Till then enjoy YahooGle….. 🙂

For More Details of The Deal You Can Click this Yahoo Press Release.

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