Google Webmaster Tool have some new exciting feature

Hi Everyone,

Happy Diwali and prosperous new year…

I am waiting for this post and i though that one from you can give us some knowledge about this.

Recently one or two days back google webmaster tools launch a “Lab” section to make sound efforts to provide valuable information to the webmaster tools.

Labs have two exciting feature and one of them is related to dilip’s last post about malware.

then two features are

  • Malware details
  • fetch as googlebot

Malware details
In malwarre details you can see the amount or lines of codes  which as per google thinking acting as a malware. you can find page names too. So now me and my designer don’t need to find each page of site for any anonymous code. Now yo you can find it easily and so there you can remove it easily. My advice is to change ftp passwords after removing the malware from site. For more malware details  you can read dilip’s post on malwares.

Fetch as googlebot
Its answer of your most basic question ” what googlebot sees in my pages?” .
You can find all as a text when you enter which page you want to see as googlebot sees. By using these feature you can find out that how much content is read or cached by googlebot. you can have look at your code and readable text percentage too. dont surprise if you find that your keyword reach good content paragraph is not readable to googlebot.
So its help you to apply some new technology to your pages, proper content prominence and why you are not getting some specific rankings.

I hope this will make the seo process bit easier, as google is defining SEO as more scientific way to approach rather than assumptions.

Bye for now, Till then enjoy your diwali… and have a blast of happines.


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