How and When Google will remove Search Ranking Penalty?


Matt Cutts, a head of webspam at Google come up with a video talking about how and when Google will remove your search ranking penalty for a website. Right here, the video is embed for you all to watch.

Matt Cutts describes there are a couple of different types of penalties that a website can get in Google.

(1) Manual Penalties, such as reports provided to Google for things like off topic porn and also things like that. Manual Penalties “expire and “time out” after a particular period of time. The period of the penalty depends on how severe the penalty and also how much you are cracking Google’s webmaster guidelines.

(2) Algorithmic Penalties in type of classifiers for such things as content spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, bad links and so on. Algorithmic Penalties will take away , when you change your website and remove almost all the spam factors (i.e. keyword stuff, etc), after Google recrawls and also processes your website and webpages, usually, your website will raise back up in the search engine results.

Matt finally adds that you could also do a reconsideration request, which would expedite removing a manual penalty. But a reconsideration demand will not help you with an algorithmic punishment – you will have to fix your website to fix the problem.

To understand much better regarding this topic watch out following Video

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