First Post on Second BirthDay

Happy Birthday to Shrushti Web Solutions,

Belated Happy Birthday to Shrushti Web Solutions and its members (it was on 1st of June). In last two years we passed through a revolving online marketing attitude. We dropped few ideas and accquire more n more fresh ideas. We are bullish on making more online presence via our own web properties. We saw changes in Shrushti Team and faced them very boldly and I am happy to say that we still stand on our feet and stand very tall then other e-marketing companies in terms of value and growth.

The up coming year is very hard and challenging for us as we are entering in new market segments and it is with new technologies too. I know the companies which are funded by NRI are giving hard fight but We are overcoming it very nicely. We have to learn and prepare ourselves to achieve the milestones we decide.

On this Birthday I thank to AP ( to lead us), current team members ( i luv u all) , past members of Shrushti web solutions (for your generous support), the invisible guiders who makes us think that it is possible with faith in ourselves, families of SWS members, all who stand with us from beginning, and Finally The God : to give us strength to serve society better with whatever we can do with our efforts.

Once again Happy Birthday to SWS : Keep Growing Baby muaaaah 🙂 After All We Love What We do …


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