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Before a month ago, we are very excited. As we are about to start the facebook marketing for our one of the site.

We started it after lots of reading but as the old saying proves itself once again, “experience is the best teacher”.

We learned a lot and thought to share our learning. So we prepare the simple check list, which you can use while you create facebook fan page for your business or client.

Please add in comments if I forgot something..

  1. Profile : choose a persons profile, who is eligible to associate with your company fan page. Don’t worry you can change the profile associated with fan page, if you are concerned about the employee.

  2. Logo : I know, everybody knows about it. But Its tricky, the logo should cover left sidebar of your facebook fan page, plus it has the proper thumbnail for your profile image. Many fan page have good sidebar image. Its useful when some one visit their fan page, But very few of them with good thumbnail. Thumbnail is playing a FILI (first impression last impression) role, because people watching it when your status or like or comments is published on others profile and that’s why It deserved to be good and eye catchy.

  3. Like Box or Like Button : Sites where user engagement is not the issue, Like Button is always useful. Big brother of like button Like Box, you can use this box to highlight the facebook engagement on your website. Major advantage is that If user is logged in fb and land on your site he or she can see the friends which already liked your page. Its good for blog, comparison site and shopping sites. One more thing you need to consider is, If you are having dynamic site and you want to put like button on all your pages, you’ll need Facebook API. Its easy if you want to do it for the static site or for only one page.
  4. Like Button Place : Decide the place for like button or box. Usually Like Box are situated on homepage.

  5. Introduction Paragraph : Please write few lines which encourage user to be more social and please don’t copy it directly from the about us page.

  6. Welcome Tab : Use tab wisely, regularly change the tab content. You need FBML knowledge and some tricks. Decide the Layout first, what kind of information, links and images you are using on the welcome page. Remember you can use video, flash, images, slider and many more components. For Beginners images + text combination with simple HTML tags will do.

  7. Reply Message : When some Like your page, please reply them with proper message. Use facebook message facility for the reply and further communication.
  8. Reply on Like : Use comment or like for their response. Facebook is all about continuous conversation.

  9. 5 status Advance : Prepare your 5 status in advance. When you are using facebook as marketing tool, it should have an strategy. Its not all about increasing Like Numbers.
  10. RSS : Prepare a RSS, change it according to facebook display. Synchronize RSS with Fan page.

  11. Twitter : Sync your company or site twitter account with facebook, so you can direct update the status.

  12. Make Admins : Make other employees admin, so they can know about how to manage fan page. Its useful in case of current admin is not able to handle the page, he can act as a supportive role. It is very helpful in case of employee should leave the company.
  13. Freedom : Define a strategy, what kind of status updates and posts you are going to make. Check the likes, give more freedom to your mind as you are working on facebook page without worries of rankings.
  14. Analytics: Use google analytics to track how many users you are getting as fruit of facebook. There are many techniques available to track the facebook visitors from fan page.
  15. Short URL: Choose one good short url services, use one which is best and stick to it. Make List of short urls so, you can use them when you need to post link of same page more than once. You can later on make your own or go with pro accounts for that.

I hope this will give you assurance of good start up with facebook fan page. But its always about your status, post and most importantly how good your services and products are.

Preparing Twitter checklist for next months update, any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you,


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