Digital marketing trends to prepare for in 2018

Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that use a mechanical device or the internet. Businesses influence digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to associate with existing and future customers.

Technology and social media have considerably changed the way businesses, and marketers
reflect and act. The same holds true for the consumers, who are now more observant and choosy
when it comes to buying and relating to products that resolve their problems.

Therefore, with technology mediating with social media platforms and e-commerce industry, the future has various changes in store for us. It is interesting to see the ever-growing impact of technology in
the way we deliberate, build awareness and use products. And as the year 2018 begins, it is
interesting to take note of the primary digital marketing trends that will affect businesses,
marketers, and consumers.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018 : 

Content marketing will still be king.

Actual content marketing turns the mechanisms of all digital communications and will nearly
every time contribute widely to the conversion process. The trick is to get the correct info to the
right customers in the right package and at the right time. It could be a chain of excellent blog
posts or content that influences your website, or sharp graphics on your social media feed –
Content will undoubtedly pluck at the chords of excessive user experience and generate leads.
People desire to read about a new product in an article or go to online reviews. Hence, this fashion of
networking with new products is on the upsurge and will keep advancing businesses and marketers so long as the content is satisfying the requirements of the readers.

Artificial intelligence

Digital marketing is about attracting the customer and establishing communication channels with
the customer to hear and be heard. Individualized communication suggests personalisation and
exclusive experience, which invites new customers, assists to retain them, and create customer
happiness. Hence, with the rising use of artificial intelligence in businesses, such as chatbots, companies
will have enhanced prospects to involve with their customers.

Insightful data

In this era of data invasion and information, the most active individuals will be the ones who
gather valuable understandings from trends and user performances and make the outcomes work
for them. Therefore, from banking to healthcare, education to government, and manufacturing to retail, big
data offers the new world with the perspective to help arrive at improved business decisions and
planned moves. Big data is crowd-sourced from public sources, such as social media, surveys,
and research, etc. and hence, has the control to notify issues and problems.

Voice and mobile searches

The trends of 2017 indicated a rise in using phone assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, etc., which will continue vigorously until 2018. Whether it’s analysing about the weather or surfing for the best Thai food outlet in a new city, voice searches are going to rise due to the comparative affluence of just saying it and not typing it!

However, the long-tailed keywords will be the following challenge for SEO experts and marketers, since the questions customers enquire are specific, whole sentences, and should draw-up the most excellent and most personalised results and answers.

Local SEO and keyword search optimisation, and inbound marketing campaigns will see stable growth in more contextualised enhancements, and unintentionally, affect the content that you will need to generate for your audience. And not to overlook, the new techniques and updates in the search engines will have the permanent shift towards varied and user-friendly experience!

Influencer marketing

Businesses will seek out to employ influencers and micro-influencers in approving their brand
image with a perspective for a sensible share on ROI (return on investment). The implication will
now move to compliant and split two critical features of influencer marketing – the effect of
influencers on brand image and the influence they have on consumer’s buying intent. These are
two equally essential factors, yet can give fluctuating results. Hence, prominent influencers are exclusive
to manage, while their influence may not always end in more substantial sales. Therefore, micro-influencers on platforms like Instagram and SnapChat could have a more impactful result.

Video marketing and campaigns

The video marketing and campaigns have come to a halt. They will undoubtedly release their full
latent in 2018 when businesses use advanced concepts of communicating messages crossways to
the audiences. Live events and videos, tutorials and exclusive product reviews from influencers
and companies will take over the old ad campaigns and involve the customers more. Therefore, broadcasting is gradually becoming one of the most significant ways to link and relate with audiences, fans, and consumers.

Social Messaging apps

Are social media messaging apps just used to send emojis to your friends?

Consider these numbers:

  1. 1.3 billion users monthly are active on Facebook Messenger.
  2. Every month 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger
  3. There are 1.3 billion users active on Whatsapp monthly.
  4. Everyday 55 billion messages sent via Whatsapp
  5. 1.5 billion monthly users for YouTube
  • These data demonstrate the rising status of social messaging apps, giving a chance for businesses to direct their hard work towards these apps for growing their market. Subsequently, people are spending more of their time on several messaging apps; therefore it makes sense to market your company’s services where your potential customers are hanging out.
  • As social media apps are becoming popular, 46% of people now prefer to connect with a business via messaging apps than email, and 49.4 %  choose to message through phone calls with a company.

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