Change : Try Bold Things, Small Changes are not noticable.


We have 2 3 websites which are not converting well in spite of heavy traffic, We are thinking to do some small changes in their layouts, which are not harming their rankings and help us to convert more.

But i think I need to put that idea back in my bag,

Why ?

Small changes are not noticeable until they are too many in numbers and does not help to get more concentrate effect on User’s behaviour.

1. Change the lines not words.
2. Change the fonts not make them bold or Italic.
3. Turn the colors more attractive.
4. Change the dimension of image, place of the image and what you represent.
5. Make your site architect more strong and more adjustable to all changes go for wordpress, joomla or custom php development.

So, If you want to change your site go for big ones It helps you to tell what things are working and what things are not working.

Thank you,

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