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Search Engines
Firstly to know about Search Engines……What they are????? About 70% to 80% of traffic comes from Search Engines. And the main thing to know is that mostly people search first two pages for the particular keywords they are searching for. Hardly people go on for 3 page. So main thing is that if you having a website and if doesn’t rank between first two pages then it’s only receiving 20% to 30% of the traffic.

So now the question comes what is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a method to improve the ranking and quality traffic of the website for the desired keywords.

The two main criteria of Search Engine Optimization;
(1) Keywords
(2) Links

Keyword refers to a word or a phrase or a combination of words to find useful and relevant web pages. To start SEO for your website the first thing to target is all you need is “KEYWORDS”. The main thing read your website and accordingly targets your customers and figure out what your customers are searching for. And for finding out on which keyword people are searching for there a services is offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN. All this search engines are providing keyword suggestions and lists on the particular keyword which we have entered. And lastly choose your keywords and target your customers to get desires results and rankings.

Links means how many links are being there for your site. Links tell search that how important your site is. The main thing is that the more links to your site from other sites, the better your rankings are. Links to your site is an important factor for your website to be ranked.

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