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New Google Adword Improvements ..

Quality Score Improvements Understood Few years back google adwords launched quality score to give better ads on each search query and since then we try to improve our quality score by improving the content of ad, content of landing page, load time of the landing page and etc. Currently Google Adwords making some improvements and i am going to explain and elaborate this into my word: Quality Score is become… Continue reading »

JuneTune – I Learn Lot, My Overview & Q&A

Hi, JuneTune – A Second Premium Chat Event of Official Google WebMaster Blog. Where panelist like Matt Cutts, John Muller, Adam lasnik are answered the questions related to search, search engines and so many other useful aspects of better crawing of websites. These questions were asked by webmasters from all around the world. The Event used WebEx Event manager Which have facilites like you can chat with other online participants,… Continue reading »

Google – Yahoo Paid Search Deal

As per expected to avoid microsoft bidding pressure Yahoo yesterday announce renewable paid search deal with google for next 10 years. As per my observation below are the most highlighted points of the deal , Its for 10 years. It will give yahoo almost 800 million $ annualy It will monetize yahoo’s no-profit making search Google will mostly displayed ads on Yahoo Partner Sites, Yahoo Networds. Yahoo will retain rights… Continue reading »