Pinterest Vs Twitter

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Even though Facebook reigns better in the social media site landscape, the most recent research by Pew proves people are pinning more much as they’re tweeting.

Twitter attracted 16% of social media people, followed by 15% on Pinterest in 2012. Everyone’s favorite pastime continues to be Facebook, even though, raking in quite a lot of respondents’ votes. Tumblr comes in as the lowest popular with only 6% individuals on the website.

The report details who precisely is having these networks, explaining that sites such as Instagram appeal more to women, Latinos and African-Americans.

It’s no real surprise the research discovers youngsters a lot more enthusiastic about social networking. A massive 83% are more likely to be on the sites compared to outdated demographics. Each network provides different services and also attracts particular target audience groups. Image-heavy Pinterest attracts women, people under 50 and whites. Twitter users commonly urban citizens.

Compared to some other networks, Pinterest is similarly well-liked by various age demographics; 19% of youthful users and individuals 30 to 49 use the site, and it also provides the biggest difference in gender than any other of it social alternatives. Women are 5 times more willing to be pinning compared to men.

However Pinterest is getting up in popularity, the percentage of Internet users on Twitter doubled during the past 2 years.

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