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Digital Marketing Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that use a mechanical device or the internet. Businesses influence digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to associate with existing and future customers. Digital Marketing Tactics Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Native Advertising Marketing Automation Email Marketing Online PR Inbound Marketing Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it… Continue reading »

Ultimate SEO Guide for Your eCommerce Store

The Ultimate SEO Guide for Your eCommerce Store

The United States Census Bureau estimates the eCommerce industry to have clocked approximately $394.9 Billion sales in 2016. Where do you think all this sales originated from? 44% of them have originated directly from an online search, reports Selz. Let’s face the reality. SEO is critical for eCommerce success. Without SEO no business can get going forward. If somebody told you SEO is going down, correct them saying that SEO… Continue reading »

Complete Guidelines For Google Authorship

Here are the complete guidelines for Google Authorship process. Step: 1 Sign up for Google+ and create a Google+ profile Step: 2 Must Upload your recognize headshot photo in your Google+ profile Step: 3 Now in this step you have to write your name in Google+ profile. That name will appear near your profile image (for example, “By First Name Secone Name”). Make sure your byline name matches the name… Continue reading »

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Indian Brands Online As Per Google Auto – suggests Dec – 13

Through an independent online research on we at Shrushti have found the most popular brands trending on Google Auto suggests as per the alphabet search, We at Shrushti working on online brand and reputation management for small – mid size business. Its a effort to show how brands changes periodically and how people search differently as per the different time period. Method we used: We use just with… Continue reading »

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services – Tutorial

Search Engine Marketing is one of the major concern for each industry with online entity and want to establish themselves amongst industry giants. What is Pay per Click (PPC)? Pay per Click (PPC) (often known as Cost per Click) is an online marketing model accustomed to drive traffic to websites through advertising, where advertisers pay the publisher (where ad copy is published) in the event an ad is clicked. With… Continue reading »