CSS – A must have knowledge for SEO and Web Developer

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As we have daily need to update the page, working with content and images, I like to share you a great article about CSS knowledge.

Where you can find immense knowledge about basic terms of CSS, and how they change the look and feel of you page.

I have a strong feeling that untill you have a sound knowledge of HTML and how web page is working, you can’t be 100% perfect Site optimizer.

So strengthen your CSS just give a quick glance on this artice and you can bug our designer…

Mastering CSS

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  1. hiteshh.786 October 8, 2009 at 5:26 am

    Good post i m agree with you b’caz we have a sound knowledge of css and html. And also good one is dream weaver b’caz dream weaver is one of the best tool for learning html very easily the main benefits is that CSS is including in it. I think basic knowledge is also required for SEO people…..

    thank u ….

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