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Mayur Google+

Google+ Updated with Profile Picture, Cover Photos and Local Reviews

While you check out your profile today, you’ll notice a prompt that states “Cover photos just got bigger” and asks you if you’d wish to update yours now. Google has launched to roll out certain notable visual updated to Google+ profiles that brings: Bigger Cover Photos: The bigger cover photos now allow for 2120px by 1192px, and they display in 16×9 when fully expanded.   Fresh Look of the “About”… Continue reading »

Google Instant – Googles New Search user Interface

Yesterday Google Launches Its new Interface For Search Called Google Instant..To make them faster( I dont think Google is slow ). If you experienced it, after typing the something the search query bar is going up and results are changing as you type, you feel the speed of that. Google thinks search users take too much time to write the whole query in search input box, and apparently i think… Continue reading »

Is my team ready to take new Google Challenge

As we are going to waited for new updates from Google the king of search, We are getting that soon as it stated in their official blog that they are ready to roll out a complete new search engine results, which is 50% more fresh than its current search results. I know when this indexing starts roll out the results, so many things are changing and that’s why our seo… Continue reading »

What are Broken Links? And its Causes

A link that doesn’t work anymore is called a dead link, broken link or dangling link. Link rot (or linkrot) is the process by which the collection of links on a website gradually point to web pages or servers that have become permanently unavailable. The phrase also describes the effects of failing to update out-of-date web pages that clutter search engine results. Because broken links are, to some, very annoying,… Continue reading »

You Got This Message “An Attack Site”! That Contains Malware

It was wonderful article by Glenn Gabe from the source searchenginejournal news. When your site sell product regularly and one you find a message in the morning like, “This site may harm your computer”.Now what to do! In nutshell… Set up Google Webmaster Tools for all of your websites. Check the Google safebrowsing diagnostics page for your website. You can use the following link. Link :<site-name-here> Be vigilant and… Continue reading »