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Yesterday google celebrate its 11th birthday

Yesterday google celebrate the 11th birthday. Below is the url where you can find what Google in last 10 years in timeline format : and here is the logo of google on its 11th birthday. Day by day Google is getting older and its tough to get rankings, so you need to become mature SEO to treat Google. Google is not a child now. Happy Googling… Thanks

Social Media Marketing Video

Hi, i found a great video on power of social media marketing. Check the link below : what-the-fk-is-social-media-one-year-later Thanks, Semil

Intresting Video About Information Technology Changes

Hi I find this video on you tube, Watch Its just fabulous on the rate how technology changes. Hope you guys enjoyed it . What it menas by did you know at Last ?

Google Page Rank Sculpting Changes..

Hi, Well if you are thinking to use nofollow for most of the outgoing links in your page, wait for few days. Google is chaging the game on how pagerank gives important to the Nofollow. Here are the list of few articles which might leads you guys to the world of PageRank sculpting and Nofollow. In case you dont know what is PageRank Sculpting, here is the simple definations according… Continue reading »

Distinguish between Affiliate and Viral marketing

Affiliate marketing is like business with third party and earning money through cpc, cpl, and cpa. So may i know how it relate with viral marketing. 1. Why a word Affiliate marketing is more popular then Viral Marketing? 2. What is viral marketing and how we could earn from viral marketing? Reply as soon as if possible! Thank you