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CSS – A must have knowledge for SEO and Web Developer

Hi, As we have daily need to update the page, working with content and images, I like to share you a great article about CSS knowledge. Where you can find immense knowledge about basic terms of CSS, and how they change the look and feel of you page. I have a strong feeling that untill you have a sound knowledge of HTML and how web page is working, you can’t… Continue reading »

You Got This Message “An Attack Site”! That Contains Malware

It was wonderful article by Glenn Gabe from the source searchenginejournal news. When your site sell product regularly and one you find a message in the morning like, “This site may harm your computer”.Now what to do! In nutshell… Set up Google Webmaster Tools for all of your websites. Check the Google safebrowsing diagnostics page for your website. You can use the following link. Link :<site-name-here> Be vigilant and… Continue reading »

10 Common SEO Mistakes

1. Not Starting Early Enough 2. Picking a Poor Content Management System 3. Use Crawler Unfriendly Development Methods 4. Duplicate Content Pages 5. No Canonical Redirect 6. Pseudo Duplicate Content 7. Thin Content Pages 8. Poor Use of Internal Anchor Text 9. Over-Optimized Pages 10. Not Investing in Site Promotion Plz go through 10 top SEO mistakes….here you will get main mistake regarding duplicate content……… source: 10 Common SEO Mistakes

How Keywords Help Determine Site Architecture

Keyword research is a gem of the Internet age. Never before has there been so much information available about the mindset of your potential customers. In the past, marketing managers relied on very narrow slices of data (such as surveys and usability tests). While these are still useful, keyword research is a new dimension that provides insight into a much broader audience. When you’re planning to launch a new Web… Continue reading »

SEOMOZ have great post on basic of SEO

Hi Folks, If you attend any marketing classes during your graduation, you definitely read about 4 P’s of Marketing. 1) Placement 2) Promotion 3) Price 4) Product Dr. Pete writes a good article on 4 Rs of SEO : 1) Robots 2) Rankings 3) Relevance 4) Results Have a look at this article, I think its great if you want to get some theory kind of knowledge : 4R of… Continue reading »