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Part I – Know Your Links : Which Counts and Which Doesn’t ?

Hello, If you are in search engine field, you know very well that links are like relations for websites. Sometimes we are into dilemma that which relation are going to work or help us to keep us alive ? So links, are like relation in website’s life which is affected by ever changing google search ranking factors and launch of panda algorithams plus new considerable social factors. We can judge… Continue reading »

Facebook Fan Page Check List

Hi, Before a month ago, we are very excited. As we are about to start the facebook marketing for our one of the site. We started it after lots of reading but as the old saying proves itself once again, “experience is the best teacher”. We learned a lot and thought to share our learning. So we prepare the simple check list, which you can use while you create facebook… Continue reading »

Happy Diwali Greetings & Posperous New Year

Hello SWS, Its so joyful moment for me to wish “diwali greetings”  and “happy new year” to you all. My hearitest prayer to god that, the coming beautiful new year gives all of  you the best of all you can achieve. Peace, Love and Thoughts to think in right and good direction. In our journey, at any day SWS gives us a small learnings, best friends, new good things to… Continue reading »

Google Instant – Googles New Search user Interface

Yesterday Google Launches Its new Interface For Search Called Google Instant..To make them faster( I dont think Google is slow ). If you experienced it, after typing the something the search query bar is going up and results are changing as you type, you feel the speed of that. Google thinks search users take too much time to write the whole query in search input box, and apparently i think… Continue reading »

Baroda > Shirdi > Dang…Beautiful Experience of Life

13th Aug 2010, 8:30 pm, the SWS family came together near Alian Complex, and we had put all our luggage to bus. And we also arranged in bus. Semil sir has already reserved his sit whose window is easy movable and the outer sineery could be easily viewable. And then we left Baroda with Jai Sainath. I would like to share my experience of this trip from vadodara to shirdi… Continue reading »