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Facebook Hashtags – What Do They Mean For Brands?

Last week saw Facebook announce the introduction of clickable hashtags. Similar to the use of hashtags in both Twitter and Instagram, users will now be able to click on a hashtag and view the conversation that surrounds it. The development comes after Facebook admitted that there is a need to link conversations taking place on the platform. Previously, several million users could be talking about the same topic – a… Continue reading »

Coding Your Website with Search Engine Optimization in Mind

Content marketing is a $118 billion dollar business, according to Salesforce. For many companies, content marketing strategies are the cornerstone of their Internet marketing strategy. But the effectiveness of on-site content marketing is diminished if you aren’t coding your sites with search engine optimization in mind. When you’re coding a website from the ground up, incorporate the best design practices for SEO as they often benefit the overall coding structure of… Continue reading »

11 Golden Nuggets To Build Your Online Reputation

One of the most important marketing strategies that a number of businessmen do not pay adequate attention to is managing their online reputation. It must be borne in mind that the internet is more public than any other public forum that you can think about and whatever is on the internet is for everyone to see. Despite your privacy settings, search engines might return adverse remarks about you in the… Continue reading »

4 Effective Way To Target BTB Customers Using Twitter

The micro-blogging social networking site Twitter is a powerful tool for reaching B2B clients. No other tool is quite as effective. Not even Facebook which limits you to only the people who have already connected to you. However for it to work for you, you will need to know exactly what you are doing. Here are four ways that will put you on the road to success. i) Avoid a… Continue reading »

Whispered Article Writing Top-secrets and Process

If you sit down to write some new content for your website, or a few guest posts for a niche blog and experience a sense of panic as soon as you see the cursor blinking on the otherwise blank page, you’re not alone. All article writers have experienced the exact same sense of panic at some point in their life. By studying their process and learning the secrets they use… Continue reading »