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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services – Tutorial

Search Engine Marketing is one of the major concern for each industry with online entity and want to establish themselves amongst industry giants. What is Pay per Click (PPC)? Pay per Click (PPC) (often known as Cost per Click) is an online marketing model accustomed to drive traffic to websites through advertising, where advertisers pay the publisher (where ad copy is published) in the event an ad is clicked. With… Continue reading »

Penguin 5 is Live with the Penguin 2.1 Spam-Filtering Algorithm

The goal of any algorithm update is to improve search results. How about Google’s Penguin? According to Matt Cutts, It’s been a success from our standpoint. Latest Version of Penguin 2.1 Live Now The release of Google’s Penguin fifth version for spam fighting algorithm has already been confirmed and is live. The confusion over numbering this update from Google can be understood by the History of Penguin Update that makes… Continue reading »

how to find best seo company

How to Choose Best SEO Company : Ignore Top SEO Lists

Decide Why You Need to Hire an SEO Company According to Google, 58% of US businesses do not acquire their own websites, isn’t it a surprising figure! Before determining for acquiring an SEO service take a moment to reconsider the below mentioned points to understand the need and the importance of SEO service for your online business. SEO is as important task for both, one who doesn’t own a website… Continue reading »

SEO, Link Building Strategy After Penguin 2.0 Update

What is Penguin 2.0 Update? After the release of Google Penguin Algorithm update in the last year, professionals all over the web have started writing about it through their own independent research for the aggressive link building tactics that have been used earlier to achieve goals through SEO of website. The fourth penguin algorithm update was complete to attain the version 2.0. It refers this to be a web spam… Continue reading »

How to Recover from Google’s Panda, Penguin, Unnatural Link Penalties

Every year, Google, the leading search engine, makes significant modification in its patterns of Search Algorithm to an increasing extent for about 500 times. These updates are being regulated quite often where most changes are minor, every few months Google rolls out “major” updates in its algorithm that affect search results in considerable ways. Comprehending of these updates in advance is essential for webmasters and search marketers as it helps… Continue reading »