10 Common SEO Mistakes

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1. Not Starting Early Enough
2. Picking a Poor Content Management System
3. Use Crawler Unfriendly Development Methods
4. Duplicate Content Pages
5. No Canonical Redirect
6. Pseudo Duplicate Content
7. Thin Content Pages
8. Poor Use of Internal Anchor Text
9. Over-Optimized Pages
10. Not Investing in Site Promotion

Plz go through 10 top SEO mistakes….here you will get main mistake regarding duplicate content………

source: 10 Common SEO Mistakes


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  1. kruti October 6, 2009 at 3:47 am

    Its really useful blog. i had gone through each & every points and i came to know the common mistakes which might be done by me and by others also. Now i will try to reduce it. Thank you

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